Illegal immigration is defined as the act of
someone staying in a given country without the
country's official permission. This happens when
one illegally enters a given country, or overstays
upon expiry of a visa.
Illegal immigration poses both positive and
negative effects on the illegal immigrant as well as
the country of illegal immigration. One of the
positive effects is that illegal immigrants end up
boosting the local economy. For instance, illegal
immigrants in the U.S.A. are said to have
contributed around USD 300 billion to the Social
Security Trust Fund. Given that illegal immigrants
are not entitled to various benefits, some
companies capitalize on this fact to save on labor
Further, illegal immigrants take up low-end jobs
that do not attract locals. This helps avert a
potential workforce vacuum in the lower end of
the job market. It is also significant to note that
most of the illegal immigrants immigrate in search
of a better life abroad.
One of the negative effects of illegal immigration is
the exertion of pressure on a given country's
resources. Essential social amenities like hospitals
and schools can end up being overwhelmed
because of users that were not planned for. Given
that illegal immigrants need basic supplies like
food, health services and shelter, their influx is
likely to stretch the available resources. In some
cases, this may end up creating a conflict between
the host communities and the illegal immigrants.
Further, the illegal status of the illegal immigrants
can subject them to mistreatment from the local
host community. Given their legal status,
immigrants find it hard to report to the police for
fear of deportation. Some locals take advantage of
this situation to extort and mistreat the illegal
immigrants. Cases of moral and physical abuse of
illegal immigrants are a common occurrence in
some countries. However, they end up suffering in
Further still, illegal immigrants are said to exert
competition on job opportunities for the locals.
Some employers are keen to tap on cheap labor
provided by the illegal immigrants at the expense
of the locals. In conclusion, illegal immigration can
take both the positive and negative dimension in
terms of its consequences. From the discussion,
the negative effects are more than the positive
effects of illegal immigration. World governments
should address the factors leading to illegal
immigration and try to provide sustainable
solutions at home.
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Michael Ishola Sanni

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