The West African Examinations Council (WAEC GCE) Board 2016/2017 section is at hand, coming up latest NOV/DEC.

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1. English
2. Maths
3. Biology (Not Compulsory Again)
4. Physics
5. Chemistry
6. Literature
7. Government
8. Economics
9. Commerce
10. C.R.K
11. Agric
12. Geography
13. Accounting
14.Further Maths
15. Physics Practicals
16. Chemistry Practical
17. Biology Practical
18. Agric Practical
20. Yoruba
21. Hausa
Newly Introduced Subjects
22. Office pratice
23. Marketing
24. Insurance
25. I.C.T
26. Civic Education (Compulsory)
(i) 7. 8 & 9 Subjects + Practicals:
MOBILE :N4,000
ONLINE :N3,000

(ii) ALL SUBJECTS + practicals + VIP Treat: N9,000
(This is for those that wants both Science & Arts i.e Wapmasters,Those that have candidates)

(iii) 6 Subjects/without praticals :
MOBILE :N3,000
ONLINE :N2,000

(iv) 4 Subjects + Practicals:
MOBILE :N2,000
ONLINE :N1,500

(v) Payment Per Subject:

Maths, English, Geography is

Bank Name: FCMB Bank
Account Name: ***********
Account No: ***********

Bank Name: GTBank
Account Name: ***********
Account No: ***********
After the deposit, Send Your Subjects + Your Phone number & Email address + Depositor Name. + the amount You deposited & date + I paid for the Jambguru 2016 Nov/Dec WAEC GCe Exams...then send it to:
After you have done the above transaction text the following below details too this number: 08110000606
*E.g:: Exams::==:: WAEC 2016/2017 runz
SUBJECT::==:: the subjects register for
NAME:::==:: Bank Depositors
PHONE NUM:::==:: this sections is for those who subscribe for direct mobile
AMOUNT:: ::==:: The Amount u deposited or credit transfer.
Also See frequently asked questions& Ans to it
Question 1:
How do you know i have paid? Yes, the bank will send us an sms & email alert that someone with name like this paid and their teller number.

Question 2:
If i pay this amount now will it be too early? Yes but its a good one on your side because in few negotiation with our source, our payment would be high so late payments must attract additional fee, and it now open

Question 3:
If i pay this amount will i pay any additional fee? No! But if it warrants so late payees would bear the cause

Question 4:
Is this payment for each subjects? No! For all 9 subjects.

Question 5:
How Quick would this answers come? Our source has never failed us but latest a day before the exam answers and or questions will come to you.

Question 6:
How am i sure this is not a scam? No! And never! The outgoing waec, nabteb, neco and jamb candidates felt our endless answers hours before exam but since the waec is simpler a day before the exam is a rest assured time.

Question 7:
i need all the subjects please? Follow our vip option or call 07032578303 for that answer.

Question 8:
I cant go to the bank, how else can i pay? You can pay via reacharge cards,read the reacharge payment option
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